This is not a lifestyle blog! But as I was updating my Etsy pics and putting my artwork in context I thought I’d muse (I think that’s the blog word de jour!) on how to make your house a little you friendly. Hands up those of us who read magazines and look at designer blogs and secretly want, want, want, that look! It’s ok there’s only you and me here so you can admit it. Then you look around your house at all the stuff piling up which doesn’t match and give up.

Well, there’s hope yet. I was at a friend’s house the other day and she was overwhelmed by her kitchen. Sometimes life just gets in the way of purging your stuff. And when you have a few precious seconds there’s always something better to do – like reading a book. Anyway, back to my friend. I helped clear a space on her bench top, where the kettle sits, and popped all the tea making paraphernalia in a cupboard. And voila! A clear space. She was so happy! And it looked 100 times better. Then we put a lovely picture on the wall.

Once you’ve got around to clearing a little bit of space, then you can start to look through all those decorative ornaments, photos, bowls, teacups – whatever you love – and place little scenes around the house. But don’t put everything out! Just begin with one or two in areas that make sense – on top of chest of drawers or cabinets. Colour is often a good way to decide if objects go together. And the magic number is three.  You may think it means more dusting but because you’ve created some visual excitement no one’s going to notice a little bit of dust. They’ll be too busy admiring your handy work!


As an aside I always think a piece of furniture below a picture or photo on a wall is a good anchor. Couches especially look great if you can put something of interest behind them. You don’t need to spend a lot of money either. Places like K-Mart, Freedom and Ikea sell fantastic picture frames which are simple and stylish. I find it pleasing and surprisingly calming when my eye is drawn to objects around my house that I like looking at. It beats lingering on the pile of washing I haven’t put away yet!


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