New Work

I thought I’d share the process behind my most recent painting. It all started with these delicious figs given to me in a park one day by a random nice person. What better way to honour them, than by immortalising their succulent flesh with paint.

I love using complimentary colours and figs fit the bill perfectly. I began by underpainting the canvas with red. Then using a fine brush dipped in green I outlined the figs. I then mixed a deeper crimson and painted the inside of the fruit. Lovely ripe figs tend to have a blush of burgundy on their green skin so underpainting in red lets this show through. I then started to add shadows and build up the layers of acrylic paint.
Finally, I decided to change the background colour to blue, hoping the fruit would pop. I was a bit tentative at first, but thanks to some great feedback on Instagram decided the blue worked.

I did paint this scene a few years ago and went with a white background. Which painting do you think works best?

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