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Does a Blank Canvas Scare You? Read On if the Answer is Yes!

Sometimes creativity can be stymied before it’s unleashed. We’ve all suffered from self-doubt.  The best way to defeat this negativity is to have a go.

Home Decor Magazines

Believe it or not, you will find fantastic artwork ideas flicking through magazines like Vogue Living, Home Beautiful and Inside Out.  Not only do you get wonderful home decorating ideas, but you’ll see the best way to display artwork and how paintings can elevate your surroundings.

Pinterest and Instagram

These two social platforms are bursting with images of beautiful art, home living ideas and incredible photography. It’s easy to follow the never-ending trail of stunning posts and forget the world. But don’t do that!

Find Art that Resonates

Looking at other people’s art is a great way to discover what you like. We’re all different, so there’s no right or wrong. You’re allowed to like what you like!

When I did art classes we were encouraged to find a piece we loved and then our teacher would show us corresponding techniques.

There’s nothing wrong with copying the work of an artist to learn a skill. Painters have been using this practise for centuries. What better way to understand the intricacies of composition than by studying one that works. The problem of copyright infringement occurs when you offer such works for sale, but that’s not the point of this exercise.  By studying what you like and getting to know the technique behind how the work was created, you can unleash your own creativity.

Find Your Unique Style

The more you practise the more your confidence will blossom.

I started looking at the floral and fruit set-ups in magazines rather than the artwork. The quality photographers, art directors and stylists created stunning visual feasts that I couldn’t ignore so I began painting the photographs.

Once you understand what makes a good composition, it doesn’t take much to start experimenting with your own photographs. We’ve all got access to amazing hardware in our back pocket. It’s easy to square up a shot on your phone and play around with cropping and effects afterwards.

Not every photo makes a good painting subject, but it’s a great place to start. You’ll never find a blank canvas daunting if you’ve got some idea what you want to achieve.

Once you start to trust your instincts after awhile you can put the photo to one side and develop your painting by adding texture, changing shapes to enhance your composition. You’re in complete control. It’s your vision. Now start painting!

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