Drawing Play

My kids love drawing. It’s a no brainer really when you consider genetics. I’m forever urging them to go outside and play! Climb a tree, roll in the grass, smell the roses. As a mother who’s trying to do the right thing I’m constantly aware of all those nature play messages. I get it! I’m listening. But unfortunately my kids aren’t. They love reading and listening to audio books and drawing. Yep, we’re all nerds. No sporty types present here. We do go for walks on the beach, national parks and local parks. And it’s fun. But never as much fun as those other brain stimulating pursuits.

One of my favourite activities with my kids is sitting down to draw with them. When they were little I thought our art escapades would be grand adventures involving paints and easels and slapping messy colours onto big pieces of paper. But they just like to draw. Sometimes we talk, sometimes we listen to spotify or an audio book. It’s just great to be with them and enjoy something we all love doing.

My one wish is drawing and creating art was a bit more valued in our culture. It’s a bit heart breaking when you see your child’s skill devalued by their school peers. So while I say yes to nature play, l also say yes to drawing-quietly-and-disappearing-into-your-imagination-play as well!

fidget man
My 11 year old son’s take on technology!
Happy Birthday Mum
Birthday card from my daughter

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