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How is life in Adelaide a source of inspiration for your writing or your job? This tricky question was posed in my writing group. Where does inspiration come from? Why do some ideas pop into your head? Where do they originate? Sometimes these ideas are dismissed while others grab hold and won’t leave until explored.

2018-07-17 14.57.58
Footbridge at Rymill Park

When I was young I couldn’t wait to escape Adelaide and what I saw as its stifling confines. But then I came back with an Englishman as a souvenir and saw this city through his eyes. The beach, wide open spaces, countryside within spitting distance, cafes, the Central Market and an easy-going lifestyle. Now I’d find it hard to live anywhere else.

Aldinga Sunset
Sunset at Moana

The focus of my early writing was fantasy romance (I’m not talking fairies and goblins, but rich alpha males living the high life in ritzy destinations) which demands flashy backdrops so Sydney and Melbourne seem more appropriate. Adelaide just doesn’t bring images of the jet set to mind. One manuscript and a couple of rejections later I’m rethinking this approach.

I also love to paint and this creative outlet definitely does draw on Adelaide for inspiration. My garden is an abundant source of subject matter. It’s hard to spend time outside and not wonder if I could get anywhere near capturing the appealing shapes and colours dotted all over our backyard. Then there’s Instagram and all those stunning images posted by creative South Australians who graciously give their permission whenever I ask if I can paint their photographs.

The Lane Vineyard
Shadows at The Lane Vineyard

As I look at my artwork and those landscapes which I’ve been drawn to I’m beginning to rethink my writing. I don’t think I’m in the thrall of those glitzy locations any longer. To me the emotional journey is paramount and I think aspects of life in Adelaide would be worth exploring in any romantic story.

I’m also grateful to Writers in Adelaide for inspiring new ways to look at my writing. It’s comforting to know writing doesn’t have to be a lonely experience. If you’re interested in how Adelaide has inspired others then check out our blog chain.

4 thoughts on “Adelaide Inspiration

  1. I love your art Kirsty! There is a feeling to them that immediately says Adelaide to me. Especially the sunset at Moana piece. I recognized those upright poles straight away and craved fish and chips!

    1. Thanks, Dean! They’re such an icon. It’s easy to see why everyone is so drawn to them. I never get sick of looking at all the amazing photos people have taken of them and how much the landscape changes but they remain constant.

  2. Loving the vibrancy in your art, Kirsty. I also love a good revelation: “To me the emotional journey is paramount and I think aspects of life in Adelaide would be worth exploring in any romantic story.” I’m inclined to agree! : ) I can really relate to you because we both have that second artistic interest–wishing you all the best on your creative journey and thanks for joining the group!

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