Kirsty has been painting for 18 years and comes from a family of art teachers and creatives. She enjoys engaging with the natural world through her art. The intensity of colour inevitably draws Kirsty to fruits and flowers and she has spent many pleasurable hours mixing, dabbing, applying, smearing and refining acrylic paints onto primed white canvases.

“I’m drawn to the natural world when I paint. I particularly love the colour, texture and shape of fruit. I love watching the object I’m painting emerge as I layer the paint, building up colour and depth. Often it’s the lumps and bumps of a piece of fruit and the way light and shadow intensifies these aspects that intrigue me. I can’t resist the symmetry of flowers and their delicate composition. Every time I look at such incredible beauty I feel so much wonder and awe and gratitude that I need to copy its perfection. Art is my way of exploring and appreciating the world around me.”

2017-03-24 10.10.13